Statistics Showing Franchise Industry Success

  • From January 2000 to December 2004, the index that tracks the performance of the top 50 franchisors increased 34.5% compared to a drop of 20.1% in the S&P 500 over the same period
  • A report on the IFA website (page 10) shows that the Small Business Administration reported that less than 5% of all franchise units fail each year, compared to a 30-35% failure rate among independent small businesses
  • As reported on the IFA website, more than 90% of franchisees renew their agreements at the end of their contracts. On an annualized basis 5-6% of agreements are not renewed
  • A new franchised business is opened every 8 minutes of every business day
According to the 2010 Census Bureau Report (on 2007 data)
  • Franchises make up more than 10% of employer businesses
  • Franchisee-owned businesses accounted for $1.1 TRILLION in sales

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